A Day Off At Dumont Lake, Steamboat Springs: Tiny Photo Essay

A Day Off At Dumont Lake, Steamboat Springs: Tiny Photo Essay

By August 11, 2019Bikes, Featured
the big view of Dumont Lake on Rabbit Ears Pass Steamboat Springs Colorado

A Day Off In Steamboat Springs Is A Day Full On...

A day off in Steamboat Springs does not mean lounging on the couch. It does mean a day on. What we mean by that is a day on your bike, on a hike, on your SUP, on a climb, on a road trip, and on.. and on…

We work hard around here. Living in the mountains has its share of challenges so when you get the chance to not be at work all bets are on to cut loose!

Ski Haus Staff member, Chad Leusink, recently spent his day off around and on Dumont Lake up on Rabbit Ears Pass. First Chad went mountain biking up the Base Camp Road and made a loop back to Dumont. Second he broke out his Stand-Up Paddle Board and spent the rest of the day touring around the lake.

So far so good! Chad’s one note is there were plenty of sheep and sheep dogs near Dumont when he was there. Caution does need to be taken with sheep dogs. They are very protective of their flocks and if you have a dog with you be extra cautious!

How will you spend your day not at work in Steamboat? Ski Haus can help if you need some ideas or we’ll trade places with you if you’re stumped!

Photos by Chad Leusink

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