Let It Ring Loud And Clear With Spurcycle Bike Bells

Let It Ring Loud And Clear With Spurcycle Bike Bells

By July 5, 2017 Bikes, Featured

spurcycle bell for your bike

Hear, Feel, And Experience the Spurcycle Bell at Ski Haus!


What makes a bike bell worth $60? The answer is similar to how you’d explain the value of a high-end watch, an Italian sports car, or anything else where extra attention to detail results in a finer product.
The Spurcycle Bell certainly stands out due to its precision craftsmanship. While the aesthetics tell part of the story, the sound this bell creates is why you’re going to want one. No reproduction will do it justice, so even though you’re sure to find videos on YouTube of folks showing off its capability, you’re better off stopping by the ‘Haus to hear it for yourself!
Nick & Clint started Spurcycle with a little different philosophy than other companies… They were not concerned with making products that are necessarily lighter, faster, or stronger, but rather products that are intended to be a lasting favorite among the cyclists that use them. The Spurcycle Bell is built in the USA and is guaranteed for life.
Many of our staff have invested in one of these bells, and the rest are just jealous enough that they will likely be adding one to their favorite ride in the near future!
Spurcycle Bell Raw Finish ($49)
Spurcycle Bell Black DLC Finish ($59)

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