The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Outdoor Tech Music

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Outdoor Tech Speakers

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If The Von Trapp Family Singers Only Had Outdoor Tech…

Outdoor Tech has all the wireless audio you need regardless of the season! For most of us, skiing and snowboarding, biking and backpacking are seasonal activities that round out our year. However, great music is anything but seasonal and a must no matter what we’re doing for fun.
Outdoor Tech Bluetooth Chips are clever little speakers that drop in to virtually any audio-compatible helmet, be it ski, snowboard, or bike (many full-face helmets are now compatible). Because they connect to your phone or iPod using Bluetooth technology, there are no pesky wires to get in the way. The wireless Chips also feature a patented 2-Button system that makes pausing your music, skipping songs, and adjusting the volume super easy without having to take your phone or iPod out of your pocket.
New for this summer, Outdoor Tech has introduced a specially designed headphone “frame” that allows you to use your Wireless Chips off the slopes or trails too. The Chips Exoskeleton is an inexpensive way to get even more functionality out of your Chips speakers. Also new this summer is an updated version of the Buckshot wireless speaker. Still packing a ton of sound in a device that’s about the size of a mountain bike grip, the new Buckshot 2.0 features a ton of mounting options, a 20-hour battery life, and an extended Bluetooth range (now up to 60 feet)!
Looking for even more sound? The latest version of the Turtle Shell has the ability to pair two of these powerful portable speakers so you can rock out surround-sound style! Knowing that it would be hard to pass on that opportunity, we carry them in 2-packs here at the ‘Haus (Saves you $20 versus purchasing individually)!
We stock a variety of Outdoor Tech products and accessories that will keep you in tune year-round, so if you’re looking to add a theme song to your favorite activity, we have what you need. See you at the ‘Haus!
Wireless Chips 2.0 ($129)
Buckshot 2.0 ($39)
Chips Exoskeleton ($29)
Turtle Shell 3.0 2-Pack ($179)

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