Splitboarding Is The Answer!

Splitboarding Is The Answer!

By March 21, 2017 Featured, Snowboards

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It’s Not Over Until It’s Over!

Splitboarding is the answer! Every winter season brings a different experience, but it’s always difficult to see it come to an end. That said, it’s not over until it’s over. We still have plenty of time before the chairlift stops running, and even once that happens we can choose to extend our season…
If you’re down to earn some extra turns, a splitboard is the ideal way to do it. These boards have come such a long way since Voile first introduced the concept nearly 20 years ago. Back in those days, splitboards were a welcome alternative to carrying your board on your back and hiking up with snowshoes, however there were certainly some concessions made in comparison to riding a solid deck. Fast forward to today, now spitboards come in a variety of shapes and styles to accommodate nearly any snowboarder. Most modern splits also ride so well that they just might take the place of your “daily driver”!
Here at the ‘Haus we love how popular splitboarding has become, and all the new options that are available. We stock more splitboards and related gear than most any other brick-and-mortar store you’ll come across, from brands like Jones, Burton, Salomon, K2, G3, Karakoram, Spark R&D, and more. We also ride what we sell, so if you find it here it’s because we believe it to be the best of what’s out there! Select boards are available to demo as well, so come see us if you’re in the market for a new board or simply want to try splitboarding for the first time.
Spring can be the best time to earn some turns, so if you’re interested in extending your season get to the ‘Haus! All remaining splitboards, bindings, and skins are currently marked down to the best prices of the season!


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