7Mesh Synergy Jersey LS - Review

7Mesh Synergy Jersey LS – Review

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7Mesh Synergy JerseyJersey or a Jacket? The Synergy Works Either Way

– I recently wore the 7Mesh Synergy Jersey on a pretty long road ride up Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was the day before Trail Ridge was going to open to vehicle traffic. You climb above 12,000 feet through monster snowdrifts that the RMNP road crews have cut open with their huge snowblowers. The riding is spectacular and figuring out what to wear and take can be tricky.

7Mesh Synergy Jersey Rear PocketsLuckily I stuffed the 7Mesh Synergy Jersey into the pocket of my regular jersey for the ride up. Lower down through the switchbacks some clouds were building but the sun was still shining. Up past the Alpine Visitor Center a stout headwind was in my face, the temperature was dropping, and the sun was playing hide and seek with the ever building clouds. A few hundred feet up the road I had had enough. I stopped to put on my shoe covers, slip on my gloves and hat, and I zipped up the 7Mesh Synergy Jersey to top my torso off. I really like this jacket… or jersey… or lightweight shell… or whatever you want to call it. It is a pleasure to wear while riding your bike.

The Synergy can also be considered a Windstopper Soft shell. It is breathable (perfect for climbing), windproof (perfect for 40+ mph descents), and highly water resistant (and snow resistant – we’ll get to this later). The Windstopper covers the front torso and arms. The backpanel is a breathable Omega knit fabric.

The Synergy sports five rear pockets. Three standard jersey style top loading pockets and two zippered pockets on each side of the rear pockets. On a ride this is perfect, especially if you’re wearing this jersey/jacket as a jacket. Take your food, repair kit, etc out of your jersey pockets  and use the pockets of the jacket. Everything layers better and you have still retain easy access to everything. If you wear a jacket with no rear pockets then you’re having to lift and dig for your back pocket stash of goodies. It can be done but it is a hassle.

The front AquaGuard Vislon zipper won’t let any wind through to chill you down on the descent. Another nice touch, especially on the Trail Ridge descent.

The fit of the 7Mesh Synergy Jersey is trim. It’s athletic. When you first try the jersey on in Ski Haus it might feel snug across the shoulders and chest. But as soon as you simulate putting your hands on the tops or drops of your bars you feel the jersey fit perfect. The sleeves are nice and long and won’t feel short around your wrists. The jersey won’t balloon up on a fast descent. So far I like everything about it!

I continued to ride across Trail Ridge a ways. Snow squalls started wisping to the south, west, and north. The wind was stout. The sun had long disappeared and I figured it was time to seek lower elevations. On the descent the Synergy was the perfect shell to be wearing. I stayed warm (except my fingers froze! gotta get better gloves) and didn’t feel the wind penetrate the shell.

When I got back down to Grand Lake the top of Trail Ridge was buried in clouds and blowing snow. The opening of Trail Ridge Road to vehicle traffic was delayed a day or two because of blizzard-like conditions over the top. My timing to ride Trail Ridge was perfect and my jersey/jacket choice was perfect, too.

7Mesh Synergy Jersey – $175
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