2022 Race Ride Tour Series Hosted by Lake Catamount & Ski Haus

Dec 31, 2021 | Bikes, Cross Country Skiing, Featured Products, Nordic

A group of people racing on fat bikes at night.

Fat Bikes and Skinny Skis!

Ski Haus and the Lake Catamount Touring Center are pleased to present the 2022 Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour Series!

Lake Catamount and Ski Haus are combining Fat Bikes and Skinny Skis into a 3 event series with the emphasis on fun and participation not just race results. We have inexpensive entry fees and we always include lots of added value. Race Ride Tour knit hats, tasty burgers, cold beers, fresh donuts, hot coffee, and hot chocolate are included with your entry. We’re hoping you find all this too much fun to resist and come out and join the fun!

All events will be held at the Lake Catamount Touring Center. Here is a quick list of dates with a brief description.

Each event has its own link to register online. The links are found at the end of each event description below. Register for one or all three events. You’ll have fun at every one!

People on Fat bikes racing at night with headlamps.

Lake Catamount Full Moon Fat Bike Race & Ride #1

Wednesday January 19, 2022 – 6pm start. $35 includes a Race Ride Tour knit hat, burgers, beers, veggie burgers or a non-alcoholic beverages. The Full Moon Race/Rides are always a huge success. Everyone from full-on racers to friends who just enjoy riding together under a full moon will be here.

It is really cool to see the fat bikers spreading out over the Lake Catamount Touring Center’s tracks. In the distance you can see the bright front lights, headlamps and flashing red tail lights reflecting off the snow showing the riders progress.

Short or long courses are available. The courses and distances may vary from race to race depending on snow conditions.

After the ride everyone meets up at the Lake Catamount Club House Restaurant for a satisfying burger (or vegetarian option), cold beer (or non alcohol beverage) and let the story telling begin! Let’s hear your Full-Wolf-Moon-HOWL! Click Here to Register.

Sun rise over a mountain with a freshly groomed cross country tail.

Ski Haus Classic Race

Sunday January 30, 2022 – 10 am start. $15 pre-registration only for all participants and all ages. Sorry, no same day registration. Plan ahead! The Classic Race includes a Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour knit hat (if you haven’t already received one) and post race refreshments. Donuts, hot chocolate, or hot coffee will be waiting for you at the finish. Don’t bring your skate skis to this event. Classic only!

Multiple courses available, 2k, 5k, 7k, 14k distances. From the tiniest of skiers to some old-timers who can still stride out pretty darn fast to some very fit racers – you’ll see ’em all at this Nordic Classic Ski event.

Please, please, please do not park on County Road 18 near the start line. Please park at the Lake Catamount Outfitter Cabin. Ski the short distance over to the start area. This is for safety reasons. CR 18 is very narrow and with parked cars on the road it only becomes dangerous for two way traffic and skiers.

This race has been a highlight each winter for a number of years. Come join the fun. Enter to race. Enter to leisurely tour the course with friends. Or enter to show support for the oldest and most beautiful of skiing styles. All are welcome! Click here to register online.

fat bikers getting ready with their bikes and lights to ride under the full moon

Lake Catamount Full Moon Fat Bike Race & Ride #2

Wednesday February 16, 2022 – 6pm start. $35 includes a Race Ride Tour knit hat (if you haven’t already picked one up at an earlier event), Burgers, beers, veggie burgers or a non-alcoholic beverage will be served post ride. If you missed the first full moon ride here is your chance to make up for it!

There will always be some very fast riders who take off and are long gone. However, there is a nice contingent of riders who love a civilized pace, enjoy the company, and come for the shear fun of it.

Meet up at the Lake Catamount Club House Restaurant after the ride for a satisfying and tasty burger, cold beer, and let the story telling begin! Let’s hear your Full-Snow-Moon-HOWL! Click Here to Register.

2022 Ski Haus & Lake Catamount Race Ride Tour Series

All three events are lots of fun. As our name suggests you can come to race full gas, come to ride at your own pace, or come out for a leisurely tour. Bring your friends and join the fun! See you at Lake Catamount!