2015 Ski Haus Season Rental Program -

2015 Ski Haus Season Rental Program

Season rentals at Ski HausRent skis and boards for the entire season!

– The 2015 Ski Haus Season Rental Program is up and running. Ski Haus Season Rentals are perfect for outfitting the entire family for a fun filled winter. This is an affordable way to keep Season rental at ski hausup with the right sized equipment for growing youngsters, try a new winter sport for yourself, or add a niche ski to your quiver. Ski Haus has season rentals for the entire family both young and younger (Ok, older skiers and riders, too).

Kid’s Alpine Package – $79.00
Kid’s Snowboard Package – $79.00
Kid’s Twin Tip Ski Package – $99.00
Kid’s Cross Country Package – $69.00
Kid’s High Performance Package – $149.00
Adult Snowboard Package – $149.00
Adult Alpine Sport Package – $99.00
Adult Demo Package – $199.00
Kid’s Telemark Package – $99.00
Adult Twin Tip Ski Package – $199.00

Notes: Skiers and riders may switch ski, board, and boot sizes anytime during the winter. (Subject to availability). Season Rental Packages include free ski maintenance as needed determined by our ski technicians. á la carte pricing for boots only and skis only are available. All packages are subject to availability. Kid’s packages are based on equipment sizes. The 2015 Ski Haus Season Rental Program ends the first weekend of December.

The Fine Print in not so Small Print: The only caveat to the Ski Haus Season Rental Program is you must be present in our store with all family members and friends to participate in our Season Rental Program. Season Rental equipment availability is limited and to absolutely ensure correct equipment sizing there is no alternative to this policy. Please do not request to have equipment held, set aside, or reserved for a later date. We strive to accommodate all our customers needs all of the time and our staff knows this is a Ski Haus Policy with no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

Have fun out there and bundle up! This winter is going to be fun!
The Ski Haus Staff

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