2011 Road Bikes by Category -

2011 Road Bikes by Category

By June 1, 2011Bicycles
High performance– You may not race but you appreciate the quickness, agility, super-quick acceleration, and responisiveness these bikes return to you on the ride. What the heck, with one of these, you might even enter a road race or two.Cervelo RS
Cervelo R3
Specialized Tarmac Expert SL3
Specilaized Amira Expert (w)Endurance Road – Plenty of performance, relaxed geometry for a slightly more compliant, comfortable ride. Long rides, increased comfort, increased pleasure. These bikes make you want to ride and stay out longer…

Specialized Roubaix Expert
Specialized Ruby Comp (w)

First Bike, Perhaps? – Not entry level. These are great first time road bikes that offer plenty of performance without putting a hollow sounding ding in your wallet.

Specialized Dolce Comp
Specialized Secteur Elite
Specialized Sirrus Comp
Specialized Sirrus Elite
Specilized Vita Comp
Specialized Vita Elite
Specialized Vita

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