Cool New Gear For Winter 16/17

Snowboard Sneak Peek! – As another winter season comes to a close, here’s a preview of some cool new gear for winter 16/17  you’ll definitely want to check out. There’s plenty to get excited about and we can all take pleasure knowing that while summer is right around the corner, in a few short months […]

All Mountain Skis All Day Long!

Quiver killers – This week with the beautiful weather we have been having we all want to explore the whole mountain and so I’m going to go over the best all mountain skis to keep you exploring without having to change equipment. The Armada TST is one of the truest all mountain skis I have […]

K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots

The Right Stuff – The K2 Maysis snowboard boots have been a favorite here at the ‘Haus for the last couple seasons. Simply put, it has all the right stuff. K2 did an exceptional job of building a boot that incorporates some of their very best fit and performance features while maintaining a price that […]

K2 Alpine Boots

NEW BOOTS FROM K2 – One of the new developments this year in skiing is that K2 has gotten into the ski boot game.  For four years they have been planning, building and testing and their work has come to fruition with the release of the Spyne, Spyre and Pinnacle boot lines. K2 developed their […]

Snowboard Sale!

SNOWBOARDS ON SALE AT SKI HAUS – Attention all you savvy snowboard consumers and winter gear junkies… your time to shine has arrived! This is the ideal time to take advantage of a combination of great deals and amazing selection. There’s no better time of year to enhance your quivers and replace tired equipment with […]

K2 Amp Rictor

ALL MOUNTIAN – ALL GOOD – ALL THE TIME – It used to be the biggest no brainer in the ski industry…  A customer would come into the store and want a good all-around ski to purchase or to rent and we would give them the K2 Apache Recon. The customer would leave, come back […]