Cool New Gear For Winter 16/17

Snowboard Sneak Peek! – As another winter season comes to a close, here’s a preview of some cool new gear for winter 16/17  you’ll definitely want to check out. There’s plenty to get excited about and we can all take pleasure knowing that while summer is right around the corner, in a few short months […]

Keep on Splitboading Winter Isn’t Over

Winter isn’t over until you say it’s over! – Splitboarding is the answer! If you’re having a hard time accepting that winter is over, spring is here, and snowboard season is nearing its end, then there’s only one solution… Extend your season! We can all remember those winters when the resort closed well before the […]

47th Annual Ski Haus Spring Super Sale

A Super Sale is a Terrible Thing to Waste! – The 47th Annual Ski Haus Springs Super Sale is a spectacular weekend of savings. This year’s sale is March 25, 26, 27, 2016. This is a store-wide sale so our entire inventory will be at least 20% off.* All brand new 2016 Spring/Summer clothing and […]

Ski Haus Rental Special Begins April 1st

Spring Rental Savings Begins 4.1.2016 – The Ski Haus Spring rental special begins April 1st 2016. Save 30% off our already low rental prices when you rent for at least 2 or more consecutive days. Easy. Simple. And a darn good deal! The Ski Haus Sport Package normally rents for $25 per day at our […]

However You Split It – It Comes up Salomon

Salomon Premiere Splitboard x 4 – Salomon caters to those in it for the long-haul with the Premiere Splitboard. Here at the ‘Haus, we offer a much larger selection of splitboards and backcountry snowboarding gear than most shops out there. We’ve been dealing in splits for a long time and we’re very selective when it […]

New Anon M3 Goggles

MFI technology to keep your face protected – The new Anon M3 Goggles use MFI technology to keep your face protected and your lenses fog-free. Anon was the first to use magnets to simplify the process of changing lenses, and now they’re using them to improve how your facemask fits as well. MFI stands for […]

Karakoram Prime SL Bindings

The Latest and Greatest Splitboard Bindings – The Karakoram Prime SL bindings are evidence that splitboarding today is a completely different animal than it was just a few years ago. While splitboards have always been an improvement over hiking with your board on your back and snowshoes underfoot, the compromise in ride quality when compared […]

K2 Carveair Snowboard

K2 Carveair Carving Confidence – The new K2 Carveair Snowboard is a compact, resort-carving machine with a shape that will have you answering lots of questions in the lift line! Designed with advanced partyboarding in mind, this unique board embodies the fact that you can’t always judge a book by the cover… but it’s all […]

Ski Haus Valentine’s Day Sale

Save 30% on RED! – Ski Haus Valentine’s Day Sale runs Monday February 8, 2016 through Sunday February 14, 2016. Save 30% on RED! That is, save 30% off any item in Ski Haus that even has a little bit of red on it.* It will only take a little bit of searching to find […]

Spark Pucks

More Adjustability Means Better – Spark R&D’s new Spark Pucks solve one of the lingering issues with splitboard design and setup. Anyone who’s been splitboarding for a while has undoubtedly used the Voile puck interface. For many years it was the only option. Although new interface designs have entered the marketplace in recent years, the […]