The Diamond on Longs Peak

climbing the Diamond Longs Peak

Too Light and Not Fast Enough – Very early on in my climbing career I received a postcard that flaunted an image of The Diamond on Longs Peak. I soon become aware this spectacular alpine wall was a mere 3 hours drive from Steamboat Springs to the trailhead. For about 2 years this postcard sat […]

Climbing Palmer Hoyt in the Zirkel

climbing in the zirkel

Learning the Ropes – Just a few years ago, I was learning the ropes to climbing, literally and figuratively. Each outing was a new experience, learning new tricks and techniques from the diverse pool of mentors I began learning climbing from. My stoke was always cranked up to 11 each and every time I touched […]

Climbing Mecca of Colorado

bouldering on rabbit ears pass

Steamboat Springs Climbing: What’s to Know – As you may know, Steamboat is not the climbing mecca of Colorado. We have no major crag full of 3 and 4 star routes. There are no towering climbs with easy approaches, and many routes and areas go untouched for weeks to years at a time. What we […]

Seasonal Exodus: Climbing Red Rock Country

climbing in indian creek

Climbing Red Rock Country – The seasonal exodus from the Yampa Valley generally begins right as the ski lifts stop running. Although I was not able to escape the walls of our snow-globe till the beginning of May, it seems I subconsciously planned my climbing holiday quite appropriately. The day after I dipped out of […]

Ski Haus Attic: Where Winter Lives All Summer

Ski Haus Attic ski deals

Ski and Snowboard Closeouts. Demos & Deals – The Ski Haus Attic is open.  It’s that time of year when the days are getting longer, weather is getting warmer, so it must be time to start thinking about your winter gear needs. The Ski Haus Attic is open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm. […]

Renewal in Eldorado Canyon

climbing in Eldorado Canyon Colorado

Spring Climbing In Eldorado Canyon – Months ago, good friends of mine received wonderful news, they are going to have a baby! It will be their first child, and they are beyond stoked for the arrival of their little bundle of awesome. But with a new life comes new responsibilities, often times these emerging responsibilities […]

Hunger for Adventure

Mountain biking to go rock climbing

Mountain biking to rock climbing – As the lifts stopped rolling this week, most from Steamboat found themselves in search of warmer climates. Most have been heading to Moab and Fruita; in other words, Steamboat III. Although these sorts of ventures sure tickle my fancy, I must stick around the valley for a few more […]

Wonderful Weekends

biking and skiing

Weekends Aren’t Days Off – Many people ask me what I do with my weekends. This past week was no exception so let me give you a little glimpse into the life of this dirtbag ski bum. Unlike most, I begin my weekend on Monday afternoons around 1 pm. This is right about the time […]

Ice Climb!

Ouray ice

Learning to ice climb – Three winters ago, I first learned how to ice climb. I was fortunate enough to have a mentor that was as excited to teach the art of ascending frozen water, as I was about learning. Randy and myself would routinely meet at the Fish Creek parking, every Sunday, 7am to […]

Whether the weather

iced goggles

Weather or not – While settling into winter in the Yampa Valley, I notice myself becoming more incessantly enticed with meteorology and weather patterns. Not only dose it dictate my day to day affairs, it determines what I will be able to do in weeks to come. Warming trends make ice climbing marginal to non-existent […]