Seasons End Seasons Begin

Rock climbing in the springs

PICKING UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF – As another ski season comes to an end in Colorado another season always begins. Seasonal ski workers and local spring-breakers will make a mass exile to the land of red stone and blue skies. From Fruita to Moab and beyond mountain folk exhausted from months of snow will […]

Journey Around the Sun


A CHANGE TO THE WARM SIDE – This past week I celebrated another successful journey around the sun! I decided to celebrate another year of life by getting red sand in everything I own! I was heading Southwest with the rough destination of Moab, Utah in mind. After enjoying my favorite breakfast from Creekside Cafe […]

Black Diamond Dirt Bag Gloves

BD Dirtbag Glvoes

This past Sunday was by no means an ideal day for climbing rocks in Vedauwoo, Wyoming. The sun was sparse, the Wyoming winds reached 20 mph at times and the daylight was minimal. After tying in to climb the classic offwidth, Middle Parallel Space, I grabbed what would soon become the most important piece of […]

Finding New Ice

colorado ice climbing

VERTICAL OBSESSIONS – For the past two years I have been on an obsession for vertical ice. The alien landscape leaves me craving these unique formations. Although Steamboat Springs is not the epicenter of frozen waterfalls we still have out fair share of flows. Fish Creek Falls offers easy access to a mellow WI2+ and […]

Early Season Colorado Ice

Mixed climbing route of rock and ice

OCTOBER ROCK AND ICE – Unlike many individuals I know, I have not been in a huge rush to dive head first into winter. I enjoy the chilly fall mornings and warm afternoons, the red scrub oak and golden quaking aspens. This was the case until I was told there was some early ice that […]

Black Diamond Aspect Harness

Black Diamond Aspect Rock Climbing Harness

SOMETHING GOOD TO TIE INTO – Have you ever spent an entire day sitting in a climbing harness tethered to a rock or frozen waterfall? If you have then you know the importance of a comfortable well fitting harness. Look no further than the Black Diamond Aspect. This lightweight harness drops the ounces (total weight […]

Passive Pro

Black Diamond Hexcentrics and Stoppers

ZIP IT UP PROTECTION – When I am in the midst of a trad climb nothing makes me feel more secure than a well placed piece of passive protection. Getting a passive chock  slotted into the perfect granite constriction is absolutely bomber! Much can be said for passive pro. It’s lightweight, solid, and affordable. Being […]

On Belay! Belay On!

Belay devices for rock climbing

HOLDING FAST! – Every climber has a preference when it comes to belaying a partner or rigging a rappel. What do you prefer? ATC? Figure 8? Gri-Gri? ATC guide? Belay plate? With so many options to catch your partner which is the best? Safest? Most versatile? I believe most climbers begin their climbing career being […]

The Petit Grapon

Climbing the Petit Grapon

CLIMBING THE PETIT – July 12, 2 a.m. My partner, Core, wakes me up from my short yet peaceful night’s rest. Even though we didn’t get to our campsite until 10:30 pm and I didn’t slide into my sleeping bag until a little after 11, I feel surprisingly refreshed for the day ahead. The feelings […]

Black Diamond C4X Cams

BD C4X Micro Cams

ZIP IT UP WITH C4x CAMS – Camalots have been a standard in climbing protection for decades. These critical pieces of protection have evolved and adapted to improve protection and ease of use. Well, Black Diamond has done it again with their new C4X’s! These redesigned micro cams have been highly anticipated by many traditional […]