Ski Rental Reservations

What type of skier am I?

Type I skiers:

Ski conservatively, prefer slower speeds, prefer easy & moderate slopes, favor lower than average release-retention settings. This corresponds to an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased release capability in a fall. Type I settings apply to entry level skiers uncertain of their classification.

Type II skiers:

Ski moderately, prefer a variety of speeds, ski on varied terrain, including most difficult trails. All skiers who do not meet the descriptions of either Type I or Type III. Engage in moderate skiing at average release-retention settings.

Type III skiers:

Ski aggressively, normally ski at high speeds, prefer steeper and more challenging terrain, favor higher than average release-retention settings. This corresponds to decreased capability to release in a fall in order to decrease risk of inadvertent binding release. Engage in aggressive skiing at higher release-retention settings.

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