Last Call

Cross country skiingWINTER’S LAST HURRAH

– Last call is looking back at your winter season and accessing how you did. If you haven’t been satisfied with your skiing this winter you only have a few weeks to make amends. The next few weeks is the time to get it done or start making plans for next winter. Rivulets are showing on the snowpack. Lake ice is starting to thin. The freeze/thaw cycles of crust forming and disappearing under a rising sun and temperatures is here.

There may not be anything worse than ending a season with regret. Whether it is Nordic skiing in the winter or riding your bike in the off season – ending any season with “wish I would of or I had the chance but didn’t” leaves a pretty sour taste. So now is the time. Load up and road trip it to that out-of-state destination you think you don’t have time for. Press your fitness and push your limit beyond your comfort zone. Ski hard and find a new fast…

No, the situation is not dire. There is a solid four or five weeks of good snow and good snow yet to fall. But don’t let yourself be lulled into the procrastinator’s lair… Time flies and winter waits for no skier.