Last Call (sigh)

winter's end

Winter’s Last Call – Winter is cooked around here. Winter is done and gone. Well, maybe. There is still hope for a skate ski on the pass if the crust forms up but for the most part temperatures in the upper 50’s have killed skiing. Steamboat Springs has summer on the brain. Bikes are pouring […]

Ski Haus Demo Sale

used demo skis for sale

Used Skis and Boards for Sale – The Ski Haus Demo Sale is slated for Friday March 27th beginning at 8:00 am. Now is the perfect opportunity to pick up a niche ski to enhance your quiver, upgrade to a higher performance level, keep up with your growing teen on bigger sizes, and try a […]

Spring Skiing and Counting Clouds

spring skiing

Time Well Spent – Yesterday was a fantastic day. As I write this I believe it was the 69th perfect day in a row since the new year began. Today is the 70th. Yesterday was perfect not only because the weather was great but the time was well spent. Here in Steamboat Springs, the Lake […]

Cross Country Ski Sale

XC sale at Ski Haus

Save Money Now. Be Happy. – Ski Haus is having a Cross Country Ski Sale. For everyone who loves the Nordic style this is great news. Here is a wonderful opportunity to buy a new XC package, upgrade an old ski, boot, or pole, and still get in several more weeks of skiing. We call […]

Upgrade Your XC Poles

upgrade your xc poles

Lighter. Stronger. Better – It’s time to upgrade your xc poles and you probably aren’t even aware of it. Too many cross country skiers settle when it comes to their poles. Lots of effort goes into picking their skis and boots and lots more effort goes into maintaining their skis with countless hours of waxing […]

Fischer E109 Skis

E109 xc skis

Fischer e109, light, fast, fun! – The Fischer E109 skis are an under the radar ski at Ski Haus. The skiers who have found this ski are having a blast with it… while many skiers have yet to discover this terrific lightweight and versatile crosscountry ski. The E109 lives in the middle country. It’s not […]

Ski Haus Avalanche Awareness Clinic

Avalanche clinic

Increase your avalanche awareness – The annual Ski Haus Avalanche Awareness Clinic is scheduled for January 16th and 17th, 2015. This clinic/presentation/and field day is great way to increase your avalanche awareness in the winter backcountry, gain knowledge on current snowpack conditions, practice rescue techniques, and how to stay safe skiing and riding in the […]

Alpina Alaska 75mm Boot

Alpina Alaska 3 pin cross countryboot

A New Classic! – The Alpina Alaska 75mm boot is an under the radar great backcountry boot. This is the kind of boot many cross country skiers will say things like, “I once had a boot like this” or “Jeez, I didn’t know they still made 3 pin boots.” Well, yeah, they still make boots […]

Salomon RC Carbon Classic Boot

Salomon classic boot

Big Performance in a Small Package – The Salomon RC Carbon Classic boot packs a lot of comfort and performance in a very small and light package… without paying the top-of-the-line price. Did I mention the famous Salomon fit? These boots snug your foot nicely without feeling minimalistic. They ski and feel light but offer […]

Rossignol Evo OT Ski

Rossi Evo OT

Popular Versatility – The Rossignol Evo OT Ski is very popular this season. This ski appeals to the skier who is looking for one pair of boots and one pair of skis to handle a wide range of snow conditions. Often, Ski Haus has customers looking for a ski they can take up to Rabbit […]