Salomon RC Carbon Classic Boot

Salomon classic boot

Big Performance in a Small Package – The Salomon RC Carbon Classic boot packs a lot of comfort and performance in a very small and light package… without paying the top-of-the-line price. Did I mention the famous Salomon fit? These boots snug your foot nicely without feeling minimalistic. They ski and feel light but offer […]

Rossignol Evo OT Ski

Rossi Evo OT

Popular Versatility – The Rossignol Evo OT Ski is very popular this season. This ski appeals to the skier who is looking for one pair of boots and one pair of skis to handle a wide range of snow conditions. Often, Ski Haus has customers looking for a ski they can take up to Rabbit […]

Pancakes! Pancakes!


Great Fuel for the Long Haul – It is no secret around here that I love pancakes. I have been known to eat a few stacks and I can especially eat more than I need to when it comes to the pancakes shown above and the recipe listed below. These are my favorite pancakes. They […]

Thanksgiving Food Drive and Special

Thanksgiving Food Drive and Special

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays! Ski Haus is hosting our Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and Special from Monday November 24th to Sunday November  30th. Donate 5 cans or 5 boxes of non-perishable food items to our food drive and receive 15% off your entire Ski Haus purchase. This is an easy and thoughtful way to help […]

Salomon S-Lab Pro Skate Boot

Salomon SLab

High Performance & Great Fit – The Salomon S-Lab Pro Skate Boot is one of the best fitting and best skiing boots available on the market today. Ok, I said it. I know lots of NNN soled boot lovers out there will scoff but the Salomon S-Lab Pro is not the old bumble bee boot, […]

Time for a XC Equipment Check

cross country skis

Equipment double check before you ski – Right now is the time for a XC equipment check… before you ski. Did you clean and storage wax your skis at the end of last ski season? If you were a good skier you’ll need to scrape off that wax and reapply the correct temperature wax. If […]

Picking a BC Cross Country Package

cross country skiing xc

Light weight, middle weight, heavy weight – Picking a BC cross country package on first look may appear complicated but once you gain a little perspective – it is all pretty easy. Ski Haus offers a wide range of cross country ski widths and lengths. We offer appropriate boot strengths to match those skis, too. […]

Toko Classic Plus XC Glove

Toko Classic XC glvoes

A Great All Around Winter Glove – The Toko Classic Plus XC Glove is more than just a great all around glove for Nordic Skiing. I use my Classic for biking right now in the late Fall and early Spring. With that thought in mind there really are only a few months out of the […]

2014 Steamboat Nordic Camp

Learn to xc ski

Early Season Ski Tips Go A Long Way – At the 2014 Steamboat Nordic Camp you can pick up lots of early season cross country skiing tips that will go a long way to setting you up for a very fun winter. This camp is celebrating its 12th year. Each year the camp fills up […]

Mentally Ready

Early season cross country skiing

My Kind of Nordic Conditioning – I can see winter on the horizon and I’ve prepared my body for the upcoming Nordic ski season with some solid physical and mental conditioning. I’ve done all I can do at this point to be physically fit and ready to tear up the track on my skate and […]