Demo Splitboards for Sale

splitboardingDemo Splitboards for Sale in the Ski Haus Attic

– Until the invention of splitboards , being a backcountry snowboarder was a real pain in the bottom. In the past you had to hike in snowshoes, with your board strapped to your back. Once you arrived at the top, you had to then strap snowshoes on your pack for the ride down. In the early 1990’s people started splitting the snowboards to make them into touring skis that also attached back together for a snowboard descent down. Lately many of the snowboard companies have started making production splitboards and more importantly, binding companies like Spark and Karakoram have developed super functional splitboard bindings.

Like many winter sports, splitboarding is not cheap. Boards range from $700 to well over $1000, bindings from $400 to $800 and a pair of skins is right in the neighborhood of $200. You can easily spend in upwards of $1500 for a new setup. If you are against selling your car to get into a new sport we understand, and might just have your answer.

In the Ski Haus Attic, we are selling our, gently used, demo splitboards for a fraction of the cost of a new setup. For $700 to $900 you can get a full setup. This includes splitboards from Jones and Burton, Spark Magneto bindings and a high traction skins from G3.

If Demo is not your style, we also have new splitboards from: Salomon, Burton, Venture and Jones, bindings from: Karakoram and Spark, skins from G3 and all of the accessories you would need for a smoking brand new setup. We also have Deeluxe boots (snowboard boots with vibram soles) built specifically for splitboarding. Come on into the Attic for all your winter needs. When the early snow flies in the fall, you will be ready to chase the powder like never before.


  • Cam Bumsted says:

    Hey there!
    I’m really interested in buying a demo splitboard. Already tried selling an arm to get one, but I wasn’t getting much of a response on ebay. Seems like you guys might have what I’m looking for! I live in Fort Collins and was wondering what you have in stock as it would be a little hard to get to Steamboat to check out whatever’s left. Itching to get the season started again and would love to add a splitboard to the quiver!

    • Murray Selleck says:

      Hi Cam,
      Sorry for the late reply. Can you call Ski Haus? Ask for Justin. He will be able to update you on inventory and pricing. We also have our Super Sale coming October 7, 8, 9 with lots of new splitboards on sale for those three days only. Reply to this or give us a call. 970.879.0385 or 1.800.844.0385. Thanks!

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