Thanksgiving Special and Food Drive

Make a Food Donation, Receive a Gift – Ski Haus is offering our Thanksgiving Special and Food Drive this week. Now through Sunday November 29, 2015 when you bring in at least 5 food items you will receive 15% off your purchase in Ski Haus, the Ski Haus Bike Shop, and Ski Haus Liquor Store. […]

Alpine Touring Is Going Big

Alpine Touring or How I Learned to Love Earning Turns – Alpine Touring is catching on big in The States. It has been huge in Europe for a long time… The Haute Route you know… Chamonix to Zermatt. Ya sure. You bettcha. Ok, Alpine Touring is pretty much everything you already know about making downhill […]


New to Ski Haus – Alp-n-Rock is a new brand that we are carrying this season and I love it. The shirts represent our mountain lifestyle with its fanciful Swiss heritage look. Embroidered Edelweiss is timeless and always looks great especially during our dark winter days. The Alp-n-Rock cotton/polly blend material is very soft to […]

What’s Good for the Body is Good for the Soul

Avoid this dreaded early season mistake – The winter months are upon us, salivation over winter precipitation is increasing by the minute as the snow is piling up on the Steamboat Ski area and throughout the Yampa Valley. As fresh snow starts to fall and the first tracks of the year are made, I find […]

Burton Throwback Snowboard

Get your Retro On! – The Burton Throwback Snowboard is the pocketbook-friendly way to get your shred on before the chairlifts start running. Winter has taken hold here in Steamboat Springs, and with only a few days Burton Backhill to go before opening day, waiting is the hardest part! The Throwback is a reincarnation of […]

Cross Country Skiing on Rabbit Ears Pass

Cross Country Skiing on Rabbit Ears Pass – Every year anticipation for early snow and cross country skiing to begin on Rabbit Ears Pass hits the local skiers of the Yampa Valley. Just like the Whos living in Whoville anticipating Christmas, all the Nord skiers in Northwest Colorado anticipate the arrival of snow up on […]