Muddy Creek Climbing

climbing muddy creek

Time to Play in the Mud – This past week I had the opportunity to spend half the day with my good buddies Dan and Dalton for an afternoon of climbing in Muddy Creek. This little hidden oasis sits right near the East Summit of Rabbit Ears Pass just about two and a half miles […]

Dropper Seatposts

dropper seatposts

MTB Tech with Indispensable Performance – Adjustable-Height or “Dropper” seatposts were once thought of as a gimmick, but have now evolved past “cool gadget” right into the mainstream. Many high-end mountain bikes now include a Dropper post as standard equipment, and others are simply waiting for you to add one. “The easiest and most effective […]

Ski Haus Photo Contest

Ski haus Photo COntest

Enter your summer photos to win! – Ski Haus is hosting our first ever photo contest. We would love to see what you’ve been up to so far this summer. So… instead of making several hundred thousand phone calls to check in we thought a photo contest would be easier. All you have to do […]

Wilderness Guidebooks

wilderness guidebooks

Mount Zirkel and Flat Tops Wilderness Guidebooks – Mount Zirkel and the Flat Tops Wilderness practically surround Steamboat Springs. Zirkel to the North. Flat Tops to the South. And the Sarvis Creek Wilderness to the East completes our idyllic surroundings. Currently, the Mount Zirkel Wilderness and the Flat Tops Wilderness have guidebooks but not for […]

Soda Mountain Day Hike

Soda Mountain

Steamboat Day Hikes – From very early Sunday morning, it was apparent that it was going to be a hot day. My In-laws were in town and we had promised them a hike. We decided to hike to Soda Mountain from Buffalo Pass. The great thing about Buff is that driving 45 minutes to an […]

Petzl Climbing Ropes

Climbing rope

Climbing. Climb on! – Petzl climbing ropes are some of the best in the climbing world. Petzl is renowned for making quality climbing ropes for decades. There are few pieces of equipment absolutely necessary to safely access the vertical world, and a rope is the most crucial. From your entry level ropes for those new […]