Ski Haus Demo Sale

used demo skis for sale

Used Skis and Boards for Sale – The Ski Haus Demo Sale is slated for Friday March 27th beginning at 8:00 am. Now is the perfect opportunity to pick up a niche ski to enhance your quiver, upgrade to a higher performance level, keep up with your growing teen on bigger sizes, and try a […]

Splitboarding for Him and Her

Splitboards at ski haus steamboat springs

Snowboard Population Splits! – For more than ten years splitboarding belonged to a small percentage of the snowboarding population, and with limited gear offerings, access to this little-known segment of the sport was restrictive. However, that is no longer the case. We stock an extensive selection of splitboards from some of the best brands out […]

Wonderful Weekends

biking and skiing

Weekends Aren’t Days Off – Many people ask me what I do with my weekends. This past week was no exception so let me give you a little glimpse into the life of this dirtbag ski bum. Unlike most, I begin my weekend on Monday afternoons around 1 pm. This is right about the time […]

Spring Skiing and Counting Clouds

spring skiing

Time Well Spent – Yesterday was a fantastic day. As I write this I believe it was the 69th perfect day in a row since the new year began. Today is the 70th. Yesterday was perfect not only because the weather was great but the time was well spent. Here in Steamboat Springs, the Lake […]

Burton Ion Boots

Burton Ion Snowboard boots

Burton Boots are Back! – The new Burton Ion boot has longtime snowboarders gravitating back to Burton boots again… We have been a Burton Dealer since the early days of the sport, and have witnessed how this influential company and group of riders has helped to make snowboarding what it is today. Industry-changing innovation is […]

Daylight Savings is Dumb

daylight savings

TIME TO LEAVE TIME ALONE – Daylight savings is dumb. Now that is a quick to the point lead. I do need to qualify this statement as my own and it may not reflect the opinion of Ski Haus, its owner, or any of my coworkers, etc. etc. First off there is no daylight savings. […]