Pronto Cafe

Pronto Cafe single serve Coffee Packs

PRONTO CAFE: SINGLE SERVE COFFEE PACK – Like us, if you are constantly looking for an easy and fun way to enjoy a cup of coffee, Pronto Cafe, is just what you’ve been looking for. Pronto Cafe is an unique single serve coffee that creates an easy cup of coffee with very little waste. Made […]

Action Wipes

full body wipes

NEW TO SKI HAUS: ACTION WIPES – Action Wipes are a problem solver. Mountain bikers, road riders, runners, climbers, campers, backpackers, and world travelers will find these full body wipes a god-send. Whether you are out for a week long backpack trip or a quick lunch time road ride during work it is always nice […]

Wind River Map

Wind Rivers Wyoming

DAYDREAMING MAPS – Often, when my mind wanders I find myself in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. When I kinda come to and bring my brain back into focus I pick up the Wind River Map from Beartooth Publishing and confirm my daydreaming. What an awesome place and I’d drop my hat at any […]

Sky Terrain Steamboat Mount Zirkel Map

Steamboat Mount Zirkel map

NO NEED FOR DIRECTIONS – We have an excellent selection of maps at Ski Haus. One of the best selling maps we stock is the Steamboat Mt Zirkel Map published by Sky Terrain. Essentially, this maps shows everything north of Steamboat Springs and along Highway 40 up on Rabbit Ears Pass. This is great country. […]

Pat’s Backcountry Beverages

Carbonated backcountry drinks

Fizzy drinks go backcountry. – After a long day on the trail it’s time to kick back and enjoy…. ugh! …another drink of water. How exciting (said with a tone of sarcasm). That scenario is about to change. How about a refreshing carbonated Lemon Lime fizzy drink? How about a creek-cold cola? Can I interest […]

The Wind River Range Maps

Maps of the Wind River Range, Wyoming

Beartooth Publishing – The Wind River Range, Wyoming – I love the Wind Rivers. It is such a grand place. It leaves a mark on you. I know I don’t think about the Winds every conscious moment I’m awake but they are there, inside me, and on some level I’m aware of them. Monster granite […]

Field Notes

Field Notes

WRITING IT DOWN – I guess I’m going to show my age. I’m living in a time when people can barely talk, like, you know what I mean? They can barely write (text me!) and the information age has people becoming farther apart even as there are more of us living closer together than ever […]

Summer Is On The Wane

Colorado Tundra

Save Your Summer! – It’s early August but already Steamboat Springs is seeing the ferns of the forest and the willows in the creek bottoms start to fade and turn gold. The first hints of Fall are subtle but they are a major surprise when your subconscious recognizes the signs and signals your brain. The […]

Keep Your Food Safe with Bear Vault

Bear proof canisters

KEEP THE CRITTERS OUT – In Steamboat Springs and our surrounding wilderness areas we don’t have to think about grizzly bears coming into our camps looking for food. But consider the marauding chipmunk, malicious marmot, aggressive grey jay (camp robber), pesky pica, and perhaps a camping partner who is out to get more than his […]

Sea to Summit XBowl, XPlate, XMug

Sea to Summit bowls, mugs, plates

AN EASY WAY TO EAT – At Ski Haus a lot of our employees are always thinking about food, their next meal, and even the meal after that… When you are camping the food subject is even more of a priority. When you are camping or hiking (especially at higher altitudes) maintaining a good energy […]