All Alone Riding Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road Before Opening Day by Bike – Yesterday I rode my bike up Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park and no one else was there. I had the place practically to myself. Not a car or truck in sight. Nobody. Not a soul. Unheard of you say? Not if you are […]

On Being Outside

The need for outside – Lately, when I’m indoors I have this overwhelming need to be outside. It is constant. I feel it all the time. I’m not claustrophobic, but if I was, this feeling of desperation must be what it is most akin to. The walls are too close. The ceiling is too low. […]

Salewa Alp Flow Mid GTX Boots

Waterproof Boots for Men and Women – When your hiking trail is full of mud, puddles, snowdrifts, and muck the boots you should have on your feet are the Salewa Alp Flow Mid Goretex Boots. One of our biggest pet peeves is when hikers walk around puddles in the trail or side skirt complete sections […]

Scarpa Zanskar GTX Hiking Boots

Home, Trail, Backpacking – The Scarpa Zanskar GTX Hiking boots are perfect for around home, trail, backpacking, or hefting the chainsaw around the hacienda. For many of us there is a real need for a full leather boot in our footwear arsenal. For sure, there is a current “light is right” momentum when it comes […]

Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow Jacket

Light, Packable, and Waterproof – When the clouds turn dark and drop low smothering the high mountain peaks and ridges. When the daylight disappears and night-like shadows wrap themselves around you and turns the forest dark. When the wind kicks up and makes you turn your back and hunch your shoulders and the first sheets […]

MSR Whisperlite Stove

30 Years of Performance – The MSR Whisperlite Stove is one of the best selling liquid-fuel stoves ever made. For 30 years the Whisperlite has been a solid performer in all kinds of terrain and elevations. This stove offers the best fuel management for your backcountry trip, allows for greatest meal-cooking options, and helps you […]