Climbing and Skiing Colorado’s Mountains

Climbing and Skiing Colordo

NEW COLORADO GUIDEBOOK – Climbing and Skiing Colorado’s Mountains will soon be a classic. This book will be dog-eared, crimpled, stuffed into packs, left in the bathroom for some serious study, stuffed into packs, drooled over and lead many backcountry skiers and riders on many big time adventures. The brief time I’ve had to look […]

Pronto Cafe

Pronto Cafe single serve Coffee Packs

PRONTO CAFE: SINGLE SERVE COFFEE PACK – Like us, if you are constantly looking for an easy and fun way to enjoy a cup of coffee, Pronto Cafe, is just what you’ve been looking for. Pronto Cafe is an unique single serve coffee that creates an easy cup of coffee with very little waste. Made […]

Craft Active Windstopper Long Sleeve Crew

Riding your bike in cold weather

COMFORTABLE COLD WEATHER RIDING – For biking in the early Spring when the weather is dicey, my go-to, mainstay, most reliable, and effective base layer is the Craft Active Windstopper Long sleeve crew. This is by far the best layer for keeping the cold from your chest and keeping you warm on the inside. The […]

Hoka Rapa Nui 2 Trail

Hoka trail running shoes

MAKE RUNNING FEEL GOOD! – The Hoka Rapa Nui 2 Trail Running shoe is bringing former runners back to the game and making people new to running passionate about the activity. We’ve seen it all too many times… Customers come in having heard about the Hoka shoes eliminating the discomfort many runners have suffered through […]

Action Wipes

full body wipes

NEW TO SKI HAUS: ACTION WIPES – Action Wipes are a problem solver. Mountain bikers, road riders, runners, climbers, campers, backpackers, and world travelers will find these full body wipes a god-send. Whether you are out for a week long backpack trip or a quick lunch time road ride during work it is always nice […]

Off Season Training for Cross Country Skiing

skate skiing on the spring crust

OFF SEASON TRAINING – I always have dreams of off season training for Cross Country skiing. Usually, I fail miserably. I’ll pretend that chainsawing the winter kill around my house and lifting the rounds is part of my dryland training. My other delusion is thinking my lunch-time road rides play a role in keeping me […]