• Ski Haus Demo Punch Card

    Ski Haus Demos: Value & Diversity – The Ski Haus Demo Punch Card is now available! If you’re in the market for a new snowboard or ski setup, there’s no better way to sample the best of what’s out there than the Ski Haus Punch Card Program. For just $75 you’ll receive 5 days of… [Continue Reading]

    Ski Haus Demo Punch Card
  • Ski Haus Fat Bikes

    Year ’round bikin’ in the Boat! – With a Ski Haus Fat bike there is no reason to call “last rides.” During the Fall it used to be last rides could be any ride you just took. You never know when winter would show up and stay. Dirt mountain bike trails are smothered. Road conditions… [Continue Reading]

    Ski Haus Fat Bikes
  • Salomon S-Lab Pro Skate Boot

    High Performance & Great Fit – The Salomon S-Lab Pro Skate Boot is one of the best fitting and best skiing boots available on the market today. Ok, I said it. I know lots of NNN soled boot lovers out there will scoff but the Salomon S-Lab Pro is not the old bumble bee boot,… [Continue Reading]

    Salomon S-Lab Pro Skate Boot
  • Karakoram Prime Snowboard Bindings

    One Set of Bindings for all your Boards – Making the connection has never been easier! The new Karakoram Prime Snowboard Bindings have not only made the transition from ride-mode to tour-mode quicker and easier on your splitboard, but now your quiver just got a whole lot simpler as well thanks to the Quiver Connector.… [Continue Reading]

    Karakoram Prime Snowboard Bindings
  • Voile V8 Skis

    V8 Power for Winter Storms – It hasn’t taken long for Voile skis to take a prominent position on the Ski Haus retail rack, including the new Voile V8 skis. The rush began with the Voile Vector BC and Charger BC skis. This year it includes the Voile v6 and Voile V8 skis. We really… [Continue Reading]

    Voile V8 Skis
  • Petzl Ice Tools

    Petzl Nomic & Quark Ice Tools – As many of us have noticed, it’s starting to look more like winter in the Yampa Valley and Steamboat Springs. With the shorter days, colder temps, and powder flurries one aspiring alpinist is spending more time drooling over drooling; dry tooling, as it was once coined by the… [Continue Reading]

    Petzl Ice Tools



Ski Haus Gift Card

Ski Haus Gift Cards Steamboat Springs ColoradoWe think these are an ideal gift.  Ski Haus Gift Cards eliminate the pressure of finding the perfect gift by giving the perfect gift.  No expiration.  No hidden fees.  No minimum dollar value.  Stop by or call and we can set up a card for you today.

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Save 15% on Rentals

Ski Haus Steamboat SpringsSki Haus offers ski & snowboard packages for every budget and performance level.  Our selection and service are legendary.  Compare equipment and prices and discover the increased value of renting from Ski Haus.  Free shuttle.  We'll come pick you up!  Check out our rates and make a reservation today.

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FREE Ski Haus Shuttle!

We want to make it easy for you to visit our store! Once you arrive in Steamboat Springs, call us at 970-879-0385 we will come pick you up to rent your gear - or even if you just want to come and take a look around our shop. Once you have rented your gear we can either return you to your condo or hotel or take you directly up to the ski area.