• Solitude is Underrated

    Wilderness is Not Wasted Space – Solitude is underrated and Wilderness is not wasted space. Solitude is a physical as well as an emotional state. Seeking solitude within wilderness is just about as close to Heaven on Earth as I can think of. This is where big skies help you grasp infinity. Here is where… [Continue Reading]

    Solitude is Underrated
  • Snowshoes in the Attic

    Snowshoes don’t go bad in the summer – It can be hard to wrap your mind around buying winter gear when it is 90 degrees outside, but the summer sale prices cannot be beat. Snowshoes in the Attic, the Ski Haus Attic, are on sale and there is absolutely no better time to buy. The… [Continue Reading]

    Snowshoes in the Attic
  • Saucony Nomad TR

    Nomad Runners – Its no secret, I am a fan of movement in the mountains via different mediums, most specifically climbing and running. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out Saucony’s newest addition to their trail running series, the Nomad TR. This rowdy looking running shoe is the perfect replacement for my army… [Continue Reading]

    Saucony Nomad TR
  • Surly Bicycles

    It’s an attitude – Surly Bicycles are perfect for those who want something a little different. Founded in Minnesota in 1998, Surly sought to bring some uniqueness to the world of cycling, and have succeed in giving us several distinctive two-wheeled creations. In 2005 Surly introduced the Pugsley, the first mass produced FatBike… a category… [Continue Reading]

    Surly Bicycles
  • SlingFin CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent

    Lightweight Tents… And Strong – The SlingFin CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent made an immediate impression on the staff at Ski Haus. Right when we set up the CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent you could tell it was light but more importantly we could tell that it was strong, stout, and taunt. The tent set up tight!… [Continue Reading]

    SlingFin CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent
  • Demo Splitboards for Sale

    Demo Splitboards for Sale in the Ski Haus Attic – Until the invention of splitboards , being a backcountry snowboarder was a real pain in the bottom. In the past you had to hike in snowshoes, with your board strapped to your back. Once you arrived at the top, you had to then strap snowshoes… [Continue Reading]

    Demo Splitboards for Sale

Ski Haus Gift Card

Ski Haus Gift Cards Steamboat Springs ColoradoWe think these are an ideal gift.  Ski Haus Gift Cards eliminate the pressure of finding the perfect gift by giving the perfect gift.  No expiration.  No hidden fees.  No minimum dollar value.  Stop by or call and we can set up a card for you today.

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We want to make it easy for you to visit our store! Once you arrive in Steamboat Springs, call us at 970-879-0385 we will come pick you up to rent your gear - or even if you just want to come and take a look around our shop. Once you have rented your gear we can either return you to your condo or hotel or take you directly up to the ski area.